Telecom Engineering & Consulting


SUP Design Group is a team of professionals specializing in the telecommunications field. Our objective is to satisfy your telecom engineering needs by processing and procuring all the necessary plans and permits to implement your projects at large. We offer expert advice as telecommunication consultants and provide quality engineering services as an A&E firm. SUP Design Group commits to meeting our client’s objectives by being involved in all facets of the project from inception to completion. Our experience and understanding of the telecommunications industry allow us to meet your project demands and deliver results in a timely manner.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help our clients achieve their goals by leveraging from our experience in the telecommunications industry and accomplishing them through business integrity, unique professionalism, and unrivaled resolve. SUP Design Group goes through great lengths to ensure our products and services are not only of the highest quality, but also the most effective solutions to serve our client’s needs. We value all our relationships including local and jurisdictional agencies, vendors, and contractors with the intent of building strong connections and enhancing our reputation and our client’s likewise. We’re always looking to exceed expectations and further empower our clients in their future endeavors. At SUP Design Group, we strive to become your most reliable ally in achieving your telecom engineering goals.




  • Project Consultation, Planning, and Management
  • Field Engineering (including surveying fiber network routes and assessment of small cell site developments)
  • Design Engineering (CAD Drafting)
    • Strand mapping
    • Conceptual drawings (preliminary design)
    • Construction drawings (ISP/OSP designs, DAS designs, small cell site designs, fiber layout for both underground and aerial designs)
    • As-builts
    • Encroachment Permitting
    • Negotiation and procurement of Right-of-Way permits with local and jurisdictional authorities (cities and counties), utility agencies (SDG&E/SCE/DWP), CalTrans, etc.
  • Make Ready Engineering
    • Wind loading analysis
    • JPA (Joint Pole Agreements)
  • Traffic Control Design
  • Photo Simulations





SUP Design Group, LLC can be reached at or Fax (951) 698-6653